“An Art History blog?” I hear you say, “but where’s the Instagramable plate of food?”

There are plenty of lifestyle blogs out there who are doing such a great job already at reviewing and discussing restaurants and recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I love good food as much as the next person! See right for proof!

Introducing me, with a very Instagramable plate of food

This blog, however, aims to put History of Art back on the map a little, making it more approachable and accessible. So, in joining the Art blogs already out there, here you will find a mix of exhibition reviews, object discussions, the odd interview etc.

In regards to the author, my name is Ellie and I come from an Art History background. Having completed my undergrad in History of Art from Warwick Uni, I had a year working in an auction house, a gallery and a marketing department. I went on to do a Masters in Italian Renaissance at The Courtauld Institute of Art at Somerset House, graduating in July 2016. Given this – you might discover the content focuses on, but is not limited to, Western European paintings and sculpture. As well as Art, I also love music and theatre and take any opportunity to see a concert or performance.

I am not making any claims of being an expert, nor am I stating that with this blog I will approach every facet of the art world, past and present. I’m just an enthusiastic 20-something keen to create a place for friendly discussion about Art History for anyone interested, whatever your background.

In a world of Instagram, Facebook and yes, even the Selfie, where images are being shared millions of times on a daily basis, History of Art is more relevant to our age than we realise.

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Speaking on Hans Memling in the Sint-Janshospitaal Museum, Bruges

** Disclaimer: Everything I write on here is my own honest opinion.

Cross my heart, pinkie promise.